Christmas Quiz no.4 + Solutions

Check back next week for the solutions to our Christmas Quiz 4


Christmas questions -:

  Festive Quiz 4 

   1. When does Santa deliver the presents?                                      

   2. It’s a popular drink at parties                                                

   3. A popular nickname for the day before Christmas Eve

   4. Where does Santa Claus live?

   5. What did the pop band “Slade” wish for in their popular Christmas Song?

   6. A popular theatre show children go to see around Christmas?                                         

   7. Which famous Royal is on tele annually on Christmas Day?               

    8. A wheeled popular gift commonly given at Christmas?     

    9. The place that children go to visit Santa prior to the Big Day ?

  10. The name of the Bank Holiday Day taken the day after Christmas ?


     1.     Xmas Eve
    2.   Punch

    3.   Christmas Eve Eve

    4.   The North Pole

    5.   "I wish it could be Christmas everyday!"

    6.   A Pantomine

    7.   The Queen

    8.   A bicycle or bike

    9.   At the Grotto

    10.  "Boxing Day"


  Festive Quiz 3

   1. Who are "Santa's little helpers" ?                                         

   2. What sauce is it customary to have with Turkey?                                                

   3. How many doors are there on an Advent Calendar?

   4. What was George Michaels hit Christmas Song?

   5. In the song "Twelve days of Christmas" how many geese were laying?

   6. Who is placed on the top of the Christmas Tree?                                          

   7. What play do school Children get to perform at Christmas?                  

    8. What Christmas food use to be served with silver coins in it?     

    9. What would you see over Big Ben on New Years Eve ?

  10. What is Santa's lead reindeer called?


  1. Elves

  2. Cranberry Sauce

  3. 24 doors

  4. Last Christmas

  5. There were 6 Geese A Laying

  6. Fairy/ Angel

  7. Nativity Play

  8. Christmas Pudding

  9. Fireworks

 10. Rudolph


  Festive Quiz 2 + Answers

   1. Something you hang on the tree                                      

   2. They pull Santa's Sleigh                                                 

   3. In the song about Christmas what did her

                  true love send to her on the 3rd Day?          

     4. Something you wear on Xmas Day from inside a cracker       

     5. What you leave Santa to eat on Christmas Eve                   

     6. Fill in the missing word from this Xmas Carol                               

                                                 "We three kings of _____ are"                             

     7. What fruit does the Holly Bush bear in Winter?                  

     8. A famous non-speaking game played at Christmas               

     9. The second ghost to visit Ebenezer Scrooge                       

  10. What plant is it traditional to kiss under at Christmas?  



  1. A Bauble

  2. Reindeer

  3. 3 French Hens

  4. Paper Crown

  5. Mince Pies

  6. Orient

  7. A Berry

  8. Charades

  9. The ghost of Christmas Past

  10. Mistletoe



  Festive Quiz 1 + Answers

  1. Something you huddle around to keep warm in winter          

  2. The film that the song "Walking in the Air" was taken from    

  3. It's cold and white                                                        

  4. You drink wine from these to celebrate                              

  5. Santa uses this to get about                                            

  6. What you give to the ones you love                                   

  7. A popular festive tipple                                                  

  8. They ring at Christmas                                                   

  9. The name of the 1st ghost in the story "A Christmas Carol"

  10. Traditionally hung over the fire on Christmas Eve                


  1. A Fire

  2. The Snowman

  3. Snow

  4. A Wine Glass

  5. A Sleigh

  6. Presents

  7. Sherry

  8. Church Bells

  9. Scrooges late partner Jacob Marley

 10. Christmas Stockings


Start date Friday 22nd November up until 20th December 2019